About us

Kazakhstan is a successor of the nomadic culture of Central Asia that greatly influenced the formation of the modern global world. Expansion of Nomads into new lands created conditions for interaction between different cultures. The Silk Road is an example of sustainable communication between East and West. Art, customs and culture of the nomadic people have always been attracting creative minds. The team of fashion house “Asyl-Design” professionals leaded by the chief designer Aidarkhan Kaliyev has been studying the art of nomads’ costume for over 18 years. Based on the study, the fashion house has created a wide range of modern clothing.
Aidarkhan Kaliyev is a chief designer of the Fashion House “Asyl-Design”, PhD, associate professor of art history, and the author of more than 60 fashion and seasonal collections. Fashion collections developed by Aidarkhan Kaliyev have been representing the Republic of Kazakhstan at the World and International forums and exhibitions. His clothing is well known in Kazakhstan under the brands «ASPARA» and «Aidar Khan». Despite 25 years of the extensive experience in the fashion industry Aidarkhan is humble; he puts the quality of clothing and the uniqueness of his clients at first. Mr. Kaliyev is an esthete and a patriot of his country.
Fashion House “Asyl-Design” produces two seasonal collections annually . In contrast to the Milan and Paris Fashion Shows that are held for a season ahead, Asyl-Design shows it’s collection for a season during the one. Shows are usually follow a pre-approved schedule and are held in the cities of Kazakhstan and CIS where the company has its representatives. Typically, the collections are highly artistic and exclusive; they are inspired by the current fashion trends. Weather conditions in the region, local preferences and physical characteristics of the population are also taken into the account. Collections represent the synthesis of current trends in fashion and wise tradition of nomads’ costume. Aidarkhan Kaliyev’s collections style is called “neo-folk” and belongs to “pret-a-porter luxury” class. It is characterised by:
1. Loyalty to the traditions of art costume of nomads;
2. High quality;
3. Use of innovative technologies in the production of modern clothing