Aidarkhan Kaliyev – chief designer of the fashion House “ASYL-Design”, doctor of philosophy, associate Professor of fine arts, member of the Union of designers of Kazakhstan, expert and member of the Association of clothing and textile manufacturers of China, author of more than 80 fashion and seasonal collections. Our collections have long been the hallmark of Kazakhstan at international forums and exhibitions. Under my guidance, the brand models are produced by national brands “ASPARA”. Despite 25 years of experience in the fashion industry-very modest in terms of social relations, required to themselves and employees, with customers, aesthetes and patriots of their country.
Fashion house “ASYL-Design” annually creates two seasonal collections. Unlike Milan and Paris shows not for the season ahead, but in the season according to a pre-approved schedule in the cities of Kazakhstan and the CIS, where there are representatives of the fashion House “ASYL-DESIGN”. The main idea of creating collections is to combine the trends of world fashion with the wise traditions of nomad costume. The collections are designed in the style of “neo-folklore” class “pret – a – Porte Deluxe” found only Aidarkhan Kaliev in which the United:
1. Loyalty to the traditions of nomadic costume art;

2. High quality of performance; 
3. The introduction of innovative technologies for the design of modern clothing.

1993-exhibition of the collection of brands at the festival ” voice of Asia “(Almaty, Kazakhstan);
1994-fashion festival ” folklore and modernity “(Bishkek);
1995-exhibition of national costumes in Berlin and Paris as part of the government delegation ;
1995-fashion festival “season of the East” (Almaty);
1996-Golden statuette in the nomination “Ethnography” at the International festival ” Perfect Peri “(Tashkent);
1996-fashion festival “season of the East” (Almaty);
1997-Fashion Festival “OK Bishkek” (Kyrgyzstan);
1998-jury member and guest of the exhibition at the international festival ” Perfect Peri “(Tashkent);
1999-international fashion festival ” RAF LINE o Night at the Shirvanshahs Palace “(Baku);
2000-jury member and guest of the exhibition at The international festival ” Hamsa -2000 “(Tashkent);
2000-the Fashion festival “Russian Silhouette” (Moscow);
2001-international fashion Festival ” Crystal Melograno “(Tashkent);
2002-exhibition of the collection of national costumes in Istanbul as part of the government delegation;
demonstration of models at the international beauty contest ” Queen of the year 2003 “(Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia) –   2003;
2004-international fashion contest “couturier of the year” (Moscow);
2005-Baltic fashion Week (Riga, Latvia);
2006-international festival of national costume (Astana);
2007-international Festival “Fashion Assembly” (Moscow);
2008-exhibition of designer collection at the world exhibition ” EXPO SARAGOSA (Spain);
2009-exhibition of design collection at the international ITB exhibition in Berlin;
2010-world exhibition “EXPO Shanghai 2010” (China);
2011-designer collection exhibition at the international exhibition WTM in London;
2011-scenography on the show “1001 nights” for the state dance theatre “Naz”;
2011-costumes (winter version) for the Asian games in Astana;
2012-exhibition of design collection at the international exhibition of Central Asia (China).
2013-Director of the International fashion festival ” Aspara” and the Republican contest of young designers;
2014-designer’s collection show at the world exhibition Kuriltai (tribal council)l in Istanbul (Turkey), fashion show at the tourism fair in XI’an (China).
2015-opening of a clothing boutique in Urumqi (China), participation in the Eurasian fashion week in China.
2016-participation in Delhi fashion Week (India), Eurasian fashion week in China.
2017-participation in Serbia fashion Week, exhibition” bridges of Eurasia – bridges of the world”, international project of Italy and Kazakhstan at the State Museum of Kazakhstan, Eurasian fashion week in China, Lviv fashion Week, Ucraine, Asian fashion Week Europa (Holland), Milan fashion Week (Italy).
Since 2000, The fashion house “ASYL Design ” works with scenography (costumes and stage props), costumes and large orchestras, ensembles and creative teams, stars of Kazakhstan and world music, including dresses for Camilla Ribeiro Souza, Myra Mukhametkyzy, etc. Since 2007, two annual fashion shows have been held in Astana.